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Endless Winter by The Standstill

The Standstill
Endless Winter

“Shock O’Barack”
“A Blind Eye”
“Early Morning Friday”
“I Don’t Live Here”
“Endless Winter”
“Where is my Mind?”
“Idea of Home”
“The Situation”

Produced by Arrison Kirby

Written by Jeff Maynard  except “Where is my Mind?” written by Black Francis
Additional composition by The Standstill

Jeff Maynard – guitar, vocals
Kenny Gilbert – guitar
Nathan Brown – bass
Joshua Russell – drums
Christine Hale – vocals

Artwork by Nathan Tipton.

Recorded at El Studio, Knoxville, TN.

Endless Winter by The Standstill to be released 11.13.2012

This is the second collection of songs to be released by the elusive Jeff Maynard.  Where his previous outing, What Happened to Turn Signals? (released under the ridiculously named but critically acclaimed “Skippy and the Bellbottoms” moniker) found Maynard performing each instrument himself, this time he has employed a quartet of some of Tennessee’s finest musicians: Kenny Gilbert, Nathan Brown, Joshua Russell and Christine Hale.  

 Endless Winter was recorded during a two-day period of live sessions.  It’s sound runs a gauntlet of indie influences, nodding to such acts as The Shins, Nada Surf, My Morning Jacket, a touch of early Radiohead, and a formidable Pixies cover.  The songs, themselves, examine the nuances of a dissipating relationship from an often matter-of-factly, emotional vantage point.

 This collection is the seventeenth release from El Deth.  It will be digitally available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon,  and all other major online distributors on November 13th, 2012. 

Listen to the title track on Soundcloud…

What Happened to Turn Signals? by Skippy & The Bellbottoms

Skippy and the Bellbottoms
What Happened to Turn Signals?

“Big Head Syndrome”
“Life Looks Better in the Fall”
“Marshmallow Shoes”
“Stay Home, Brother”
“Dry Spell”
“Dansu Shitai Desu Ka?”
“A Bomb and a Bull”
“At the End of Day Two”
“Speeds McGhee”
“Better Ways”

Written and performed by Jeff Maynard
Produced by Arrison Kirby

Bug – vocals on “Dry Spell” & “Better Ways”
Natalie Kimbro – violin on “A Bomb and a Bull”
Nathan Tipton – vocals on “Better Ways”

Recorded at El Studio, Knoxville, TN.

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El Deth Presents Sunspheric Sounds

El Deth Presents
Sunspheric Sounds Vol. 1

“The Weekend Sound” by The Weekends
“Sirens” by Chelsea Horror
“Heftiges Ereignis” by Comfort Among Strangers
“Tandem” by The Bloodiest Night of My Life
“Rainy Day in Nashville” by Henry Gibson
“Here Comes Winter” by The Fraid
“The Girl I Love Just Died Today” by Twinkiebots
“In Advance of a Broken Arm” by Matgo Primo
“Revolt” by Beware: The Gentlemen
“Green Lights” Lemon Drop Kid
“Devil in the Everyday” by Mr. Self Reliant
“Wish You Well” by The Sense
“moo-moo, the chocolate covered peanut” by Town Meeting
“Sour Days” by Hamilton Ellis
“Old Country Gaffer” by Obadiah
“An Election Year” by Biaowulf
“East Bound Road Warriors” by Skippy and the Bellbottoms

Produced by Arrison Kirby and Aaron Shugart-Brown

Front photograph by Matt Zingg

Recorded at El Studio, Knoxville, TN.

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