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This song has been getting a lot of activity and restructuring since we first introduced it during the depression session.  Obviously, I felt inclined to record myself performing it acoustically, while draped in blue garb and sitting in a blue room.  How…novel…

I also used strobe  lights and shit.  You gotta admit – it’s gotta be slightly more interesting than it would have been had I just sat stone faced in front of the camera and played the song.

Depression Session – 10.27.2010 – Arrison Kirby & Katie Collins

Click to download the tracks:

dinosaur by Mark Cline

“Crap Out”
“Seeking the Sun (Before the Threshold)”
“Liquid Courage”
“Seeking the Sun (After the Threshold)”
“Getting Out of the House”

The sky is overcast in Knoxville today.  Much the same as on October 27th, when we recorded this one.  It was a Wednesday, our standard meeting of the minds.  Raining outside.  Solemn and subdued.  All of this increasingly so, as everyone except Katie and I decided to take the night off.

So it’s called the Depression Session based on the premise that we should be sad that everyone canceled on us.  The reality, however, is that Katie and I, working as a duo, pulled through just fine…even merrily at times.  In fact, we stretched ourselves further than we might have with everyone else there.

But it’s a good session name.   It still fits the tone of the day and the tone of the recordings.

“Crap Out” – This was how the session began, with the idea in mind to play in minor key and improvise lyrics about everyone canceling and how it made us feel.  I don’t know.  It’s hard for me to maneuver through that kind of lyrical mindset without eventually veering into the ridiculous.  Then again, it is perhaps refreshing to hear the ridiculous within the opening track of something called Depression Session.  Especially if you’re listening because you’re depressed.

“Fighters” – This is the only song from this session that we used beats on.  Katie was rockin’ the mandolin while I did triple duty with beats, keys and banjo.  Actually, that’s not nearly as difficult as it sounds.  It’s all about timing.  It’s not like I’m busting out some crazy solos or anything.  The end result is kind of fun.

“Blue” – I’m not sure how finished this song is, but it was definitely finished enough to use for this session.  I figured if we were calling it the Depression Session, we would need a truly sad core to it.  I think this one fits.  I’m doing vocals and guitar.  Katie’s playing the keys.

“Seeking the Sun” – These two little banjo / mandolin tunes sound more hopeful than depressing.  That’s why they are called “Seeking the Sun.”  Ideally, though, there’s always a little hope in depression, right?  Yeah.  So we got some trace amounts.

“Liquid Courage” – This is Katie’s chord progression completely and I love it.  Again, I am improvising lyrics about heartbreak and again, I am unable to do so without eventually touching on the ridiculous.  The devil.  I always talk about the devil.  It was such a nice little song until I did here.  I still stand by most of my cadence decisions, though.  Anyway.  Katie on ukulele…me on guitar.

“Getting Out of the House” – We quickly sketched out and rehearsed this little instrumental for the end of the session.  I’m playing banjo and she’s on the keys.  I am in love with E minor played on banjo.  Find it here and melt.

Katie Collins – ukulele, mandolin, keys
Arrison Kirby – guitar, banjo, keys, beats, vocals