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Dire Con also featured on The Dadada

…and and and there is this from The Dadada.  It’s actually been up for a minute, so you have to scroll down a bit if you wish to read it.

click here to check it out

Dire Con featured on Elite Muzik


Our friends at Elite Muzik have joined the list of music blogs featuring Dire Con’s “Pills.”  They also have very simple, but effective praise for the album, itself.  That’s good to see!

click here to read it

COP and Dire Con reviewed by Steve Wildsmith

The good Steve Wildsmith posted up a dual review of the last two releases from El Deth.  These are, of course, the self titled Dire Con album and urgency by COP.

Click here and check out the article on his blog.

New Dire Con track, “Pills,” featured on A New Band a Day

May as well announce it now that the long-in-production, self titled EP from Dire Con will be released in the last week of May this year.  Our new friends at A New Band a Day were the first to give it some press love, featuring the single, “Pills,” today on their site.  They accompanied it with some very kind words and a lovely real world parable about being polite.

Click here to read their write up at A New Band a Day.

While you are there, bookmark their site and refer daily for new music, duh.


The Dadada is streaming “You’ve Gotta Go” by COP

That’s right.  The Dadada is streaming “You’ve Gotta Go,” the opening track from Urgency by COP.

Click here to check it out.

You will find it at the bottom of the page.  Last entry for the day.

Sonic Masala reviews “Money Games” by COP.

This was a pretty low key release, with very little promotion.  Sonic Masala, however, picked up on it with favorable things to say.

Click here to check out their review.

You have to scroll down the page a bit to see it.  It’s punctuated with the album cover.


Never Sorry at the Pilot Light – The Goddess of Awesome – 3.27.2011

So apparently The Goddess of Awesome came to our show at the Pilot Light on March 25th.  She wrote up a pretty cut and dry review of the show.

Click here to go there.

That picture is linked from her blog.  It’s pretty good except for how misshapen my head appears.