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“Automobile” (NWA / Parliament cover) – Never Sorry

Yay!  The band has a video!

This song and the video were recorded on 12.1.10 at a session that only included myself, Katie Collins and Megan Driscoll.  It’s cover of the NWA song, “Automobile,” (as they reformed from the original by Parliament) from their highly misogynistic, but wonderfully produced Niggaz4Life .  It’s different than the version we did in the last session.  That one was rockin’.  This one is more chilled out and electro.

Lots of offensive language on this.  Again, I’m no fan of standard camp.  But this isn’t camp…these are gangstas!  They mean it!

And as always, if you’d like to download the MP3, here you go:

“Automobile” – Never Sorry

One for the Brothers

Click to download as a continuous mp3:

One for the Brothers

“Superlangalang” – MIA vs. Super Mario Bros. vs. Johnny 180
“Underground” – Curtis Mayfield
“Wanna Be a Baller” – Li’l Troy
“Coinsequences” – Public Enemy feat. Paris
“Battle (Remix)” – Blur vs. UNKLE
“Flip Flop (Rock and Roll)” – Outkast vs. Prodigy vs. DJ Murder
“Styrofoam Boots / It’s All Nice on Ice, Alright” – Modest Mouse
“Haterz Everywhere” – B.O.B.
“Rapperfection” – Radiohead vs. Edan feat. Mr. Lif
“Swing” – Savage
“Bombs Over Bagdad (Remix)” – Outkast vs. Rage Against the Machine
“Super Terminator Sunshine” – Public Enemy vs. Super Mario Bros.

I made this mix quite a while back.  I was working as a sports bar DJ at the time and that influence bleeds through here.

Generally, I like to have a fitting reason to post a mix.  Something in time, or at least the air, that seems to fit with the music.  This one, however, is simply a good time with a little bit of aggression.  So if nothing else, let this represent some hopeful anger at the recent republican victories in the American midterm elections.

Yeah.  That works.  The accompanying picture was taken of two attendees at Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally for Sanity and/or Fear.  Considering what it is and where it was taken, I think that actually ties the whole thing together fairly well.

So I dunno.  Maybe the Mario Brothers can save us from all these corporatists.  Maybe they will be listening to rap music when they do it.  That’s ultimately what this mix is about.