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The Micro Jackson EP by Arrison Kirby with Dustin Milotte and Brite Flowers to be released 10.15.2013

The Micro Jackson EP is the fifth release from Knoxville producer, Arrison Kirby. It features Dustin Milotte (Star Mountain, Hypenkrunk) on guitar and the mysterious Brite Flowers on bass.

With the exception of a Freddie Mercury cover (“Living on my Own”), this collection of songs was written by Kirby over a series of years. Milotte and Flowers were commissioned specifically for a one-time performance at Checkpoint Charlie’s in New Orleans. These versions, with each of their own compositional additions, were arranged, rehearsed and recorded over a series of sessions in 2012

Milotte’s guitar gives this release more of a southern feel than Kirby’s previous recordings, while maintaining the avant-garde foundation that Kirby typically works from. The sound captured here is at times reminiscent of Wilco, mated with Ben Folds, David Byrne, and a touch of Devo playing the Grateful Dead.

This is the nineteenth release from Knoxville’s El Deth recording label. It will be digitally available through all major online distributors on October 15th, 2013.

Here’s the first single….

click here for a clean version of the track.

Never Sorry & Kishi Bashi @ The Pilot Light, Knoxville, TN – 10.20.2011

Never Sorry will be full of strange surprises as ever it has been.

Please listen to the Room for Dream EP by Kishi Bashi by clicking here.



Venusian Proclivities

The Beauty Bar, New York City

Click to download as a continuous mp3:

Venusian Proclivities

“Liquid Days (Part 1)” – Philip Glass Ensemble
“Non mirar di questa bella imago” – Sergio Vartolo/Concerto delle Dame di Ferrara
“Possibly Maybe” – Final Fantasy & Ed Droste
“Sea Breezes” – Roxy Music
“Send Me No Flowers” – Nellie McKay
“Before Cologne” – Ben Folds
“Never Tear Us Apart” – Beck, St. Vincent, Liars & Os Mutantes
“A Trail of Asterisks” – Senryu
“Your Place” – Zero 7
“Take Care of Business” – Nina Simone

So we’re on into Libra now and I felt moved to make this mix as a result.  I’m not sure how many Libra people would actually enjoy this music, but I do feel like the flow of the thing captures that Libran sense of beauty and relative softness.  Also, it’s one of only a very few mixes I have ever assembled that seems to be overflowing with romantic lovey dovey type crap.  Given the typical Libra ideas of romantic love (the effects of all planets that are not Venus notwithstanding), I don’t believe it could really be any other way.

I didn’t want to get too much into the Libra dark sides with this mix.  I wanted to keep it focused and refined.  Possibly even elegant…certainly balanced.  Consider it a birthday present, Libra people.  Jeeze.  Libra Libra Libra.