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“Shock O’Barack” by The Standstill – free download until 2013

With the release of Endless Winter, the new album from The Standstill, we are giving away the prologue of the album for free, via Soundcloud.  The track is called “Shock O’ Barack” and it will be available for download until 2013 begins.

It was recorded the September before Barack Obama’s first election.  Now it feels appropriate that it is being released just after his second.

Jeff Maynard, the primary writer and arranger, has the same birthday as Obama.  Honestly, though, I have no idea if he really has any political opinions, himself.  He seems the lover, not fighter, type…usually.  In fact, this was kept on the “incomplete” list after the recording sessions, and “Shock O’Barack” may or may not have only been seen as a temporary, working title.

In the end, though, it sets the time well for the winter that is upon us.  Enjoy.  And if you like it, please check out the rest of it on Spotify or Itunes or something.

No Contest

Right click and “Save As” to download the continuous mp3:

No Contest

“Music for the People” – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
“Okei San” – Natsumi Abe
“Wonderwall” – The Mike Flowers Pops
“Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” – Danny Welton
[Fitter Happier tease]
“Koibitomo inainoni” – S. Ichii & Y. Nakazawa
“Forever and Ever Amen” – Randy Travis
“Heaven (Candlelight Mix)” – DJ Sammy
“Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)” – Roxette
“In Time” – Robbie Robb
“Hawaiian Melody Mix” – Morning Musume

Hey.  It’s April Fools Day and I like my humor dry.  So instead of using this platform to Rick Roll you, I’d like to present you with a picture of Mitt Romney, accompanied by this aural array of equally cornball stuff.  If you have guests tonight, I highly suggest this mix for your background accompaniment.

You might even feel better about your life if you can make it the whole way through once.

…or you may kill yourself, of course.