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Things That Escape Gravity [part 2] – 12.29.2011 – Nathan Brown, Aaron Shugart-Brown, Arrison Kirby, Matt Zingg & Jeremy Law

Click to download the tracks:

“Show You a Way”
“Back When You Had Your Thing”
“Cobra Slomo Backflip”
“Night Boat”
“Earth Angel”

This is the second half of our holiday session.  Matt Zingg and Jeremy Law join us here.  Chip Pennington was also present, but he stayed quiet.  The music is a little more unhinged now, as the libations were flowing through us good and steady by this point of the evening.

I stepped away from the drums to run beats and electronics instead.  Matt ended up taking over the drums later.

Nathan Brown – keys, electronics
Aaron Shugart-Brown – guitar
Arrison Kirby – beats, keys
Matt Zingg – bass, drums
Jeremy Law – words



Click to download as a continuous mp3:

land is to water as people are to practice

“Me and Paul” – Willie Nelson
“California Rodeo” – Kool Keith and Beck
“Far East Mississippi” – Ohio Players
“Truckers Atlas” – Modest Mouse
“Tijuana 3/28/96″ – Smart Went Crazy
“”Brazil” – Cornelius
“Miami” – Chin Chin
“A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger” – of Montreal
“Greenwich Mean Time” – Charlotte Gainsbourg
“Bombs Over Your House” – Outkast vs. Locsmif
“The Machine in India” -The Flaming Lips
“Seven Years in Tibet” – David Bowie
“You Belong to Me” – Al Martino

I was on my way to being on my way to New York City and beyond, but had to come back home for things forgotten.  Seeing as how I am only one of a somewhat large number of people making travels here at the end of May, I would not feel right about not sharing this mix before I go.  This mix was recently submitted for the Tapeworms April theme, “Geography.”

Take it with you for your travels or take it in while wishing you were traveling.

I take the order of the songs as though beginning a journey in Tennessee, trekking the USA, then down to South America.  From there, taking a boat up to Florida and then flying over to Europe and heading East.

On a simple side note, while in NYC, I’ll be meeting up with writer/musician/ photographer/former resident of El Studio, Matt Zingg.  Without knowing him, Smart Went Crazy may have never been on this mix.  All the more fitting.

Happy trails!

El Deth Presents Sunspheric Sounds

El Deth Presents
Sunspheric Sounds Vol. 1

“The Weekend Sound” by The Weekends
“Sirens” by Chelsea Horror
“Heftiges Ereignis” by Comfort Among Strangers
“Tandem” by The Bloodiest Night of My Life
“Rainy Day in Nashville” by Henry Gibson
“Here Comes Winter” by The Fraid
“The Girl I Love Just Died Today” by Twinkiebots
“In Advance of a Broken Arm” by Matgo Primo
“Revolt” by Beware: The Gentlemen
“Green Lights” Lemon Drop Kid
“Devil in the Everyday” by Mr. Self Reliant
“Wish You Well” by The Sense
“moo-moo, the chocolate covered peanut” by Town Meeting
“Sour Days” by Hamilton Ellis
“Old Country Gaffer” by Obadiah
“An Election Year” by Biaowulf
“East Bound Road Warriors” by Skippy and the Bellbottoms

Produced by Arrison Kirby and Aaron Shugart-Brown

Front photograph by Matt Zingg

Recorded at El Studio, Knoxville, TN.

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