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El Deth Halloween 2004: Dead & Live by Matgo Primo

Matgo Primo
El Deth Halloween 2004: Dead & Live

“The Matgo Primo Theme Song”
“Holes in the Walls”
“80’s Pop”
“Big Stepper”
“Telepathic Love”
“Get to the Show”
“Chop Off my Head”
“In Advance of a Broken Arm”
“Blood on Your Dress”
“Swamp Thing”
“Babe You’re Alright”

Written and performed by Matgo Primo.
Produced by Arrison Kirby, Dustin Basalla &
Matgo Primo
Mixed and mastered by Arrison Kirby

Tim Eisinger – guitar & vocals
Dorian DeLuca – keys, guitar & vocals
Ryan Rickles – bass & vocals
Greg Eisinger – drums

Recorded live at Nick Galloway’s tree farm,
Philadelphia, TN.
Mixed and mastered at El Studio.

El Deth Presents Sunspheric Sounds

El Deth Presents
Sunspheric Sounds Vol. 1

“The Weekend Sound” by The Weekends
“Sirens” by Chelsea Horror
“Heftiges Ereignis” by Comfort Among Strangers
“Tandem” by The Bloodiest Night of My Life
“Rainy Day in Nashville” by Henry Gibson
“Here Comes Winter” by The Fraid
“The Girl I Love Just Died Today” by Twinkiebots
“In Advance of a Broken Arm” by Matgo Primo
“Revolt” by Beware: The Gentlemen
“Green Lights” Lemon Drop Kid
“Devil in the Everyday” by Mr. Self Reliant
“Wish You Well” by The Sense
“moo-moo, the chocolate covered peanut” by Town Meeting
“Sour Days” by Hamilton Ellis
“Old Country Gaffer” by Obadiah
“An Election Year” by Biaowulf
“East Bound Road Warriors” by Skippy and the Bellbottoms

Produced by Arrison Kirby and Aaron Shugart-Brown

Front photograph by Matt Zingg

Recorded at El Studio, Knoxville, TN.

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