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woman tamer

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woman tamer

“I Wanna Be You” – Paul McCartney
“All Your Life” – Blur
“Happy Flower” – Nellie McKay & The Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra
“Fresh Hex” – Tobacco & Beck
“I Feel Ya Strutter” – of Montreal
“Silent Bell” – Radiohead vs. KT Tunstall vs. Overdub
“Fin” – Pavement
“Forever Again” – Eric’s Trip
“Enemy Gene” – Kevin Barnes

Love can be so sordid.  It makes sense and then it doesn’t and it drips all over the floor and messes up your life.  Everyone involved just wants a safe boat on the sea, but can you drop all expectation from your shipmates?  How far does unconditional love really go, anyway?

The title of this mix is meant to be somewhat ambiguous, but ultimately pertaining to the trial and error of any worthwhile relationship.  The most likely association is that of a woman being tamed.  Like a lion tamer, but taming a woman.  The lion connotation also works well considering the  astrological influence for this mix.  (Leo.)  On the other side, the title can also be interpreted as a woman who tames.  I know there are a lot of them out there, and many of them are Leos also.

So yeah.  It’s still the beginning of August.  We’re in the lioness’s den and we all just have to deal with that until the asshole Virgos (love you guys!) take the crown.  Until then, I guess this mix is for all those lovely Leo ladies out there.    Thanks for the strange depth.