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“Predawn” – Arrison Kirby

Originally, “Michael in the War” was supposed to be the first song from <em>Aries</em> to have a video made for it.  Lots of big ideas floated around, but the human condition ultimately hindered production.

So instead I edited down a bunch of old, dark footage filmed in San Francisco, California and Great Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado – circa 2000.  The grey colors of the Colorado scenes are natural. There was no manipulation with a computer, in these regards.

Arrison Kirby reviews Begotten for The Progressive Cinema Scorecard





Arrison Kirby recently popped up on The Progressive Cinema Scorecard, with his scoring of the 1990 art film, Begotten.

Click here to check it out.


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“Ohio” – Chin Chin
“Jet Engine” – Forest for the Trees & Beck
“Crooked Dub / Obscured by Clouds”  –  Gorillaz vs. Spacemonkeyz vs. Pink Floyd vs. Arrison Kirby
“Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping” – Air
“Roche” – Sebastian Tellier
“Noir Blues to Tinnitus” – of Montreal
“Video Tapez” – Radiohead vs. Del The Funky Homosapien vs.  Amplive
“Great Gig in the Sky” – The Flaming Lips & Peaches
“Speak, See, Remember” – Pavement
“One Fine Day” – Cracker
“The Great Western Road” – David Byrne
“Cloud of Unknowing” – Gorillaz, Bobby Womack & Sinfonia ViVa
“Sleepyhead” – Senryu

illumination was submitted for the Tapeworms March theme:  “Wake Up.”  I am posting it today because it’s Easter Sunday and I find this to make for a pretty good Easter mix.  My only regret is that I didn’t have it posted this morning so that someone might wake up to it.