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Sonic Masala reviews “Money Games” by COP.

This was a pretty low key release, with very little promotion.  Sonic Masala, however, picked up on it with favorable things to say.

Click here to check out their review.

You have to scroll down the page a bit to see it.  It’s punctuated with the album cover.


urgency by COP


“You’ve Gotta Go”
“Botched Operation”
“Formal Misgivings”
“Money Games”
“Filthy South”

Produced, mixed and mastered by Arrison Kirby
Composed by COP

Arrison Kirby – electronics, guitar, beats
Wesley Wyrick – electronics
SK – drums

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New El Deth Release: urgency by COP – available 12.27.2011

That’s right.  Just beyond Christmas, El Deth will be unveiling its fifteenth release.

As the onesheet reads…

COP is a session project by Arrison Kirby (Never Sorry, Obadiah), Wesley Wyrick (DolphynRydyr, Star Mountain) and SK (The Glaring Sound).   

 Urgency was recorded at El Studio, Knoxville, TN in 2010 and subsequently edited, mixed and mastered by Arrison Kirby.  The name is a true reflection of the form; as this session was recorded in a single, very, very loud take.  By the second track, “Botched Operation,” the force of the sound was shaking beer bottles off the back of the studio’s piano.  Undeterred, the trio pressed on through these five movements of sound, their order on the disc being no different from the order recorded.

 This disc marks the fifteenth release from the El Deth recording label.  It will be digitally available on Spotify, iTunes  and all other major online distributors on December 27th, 2011.  The track, “Money Games” is currently available for free MP3 download at 

And here is that track…

“Money Games” – COP



Devoured by Lions and Fish – 5.21.2011 – DJ Modifi & Arrison Kirby

Click to download the track:

“Devoured by Lions and Fish”

photo by Nathan Tipton

Sometimes stress builds beyond our borders and so comes a time to release it with a good ol’ fashioned beat session.  This one was recorded live one night when myself and Modifi were both in a fantastic, “fuck a buncha bullshit” mode.  We set up, played out, then broke down.  This is a continuous set.  No extra special post edits or attention to detail beyond bpm and maybe tonality.

However, I did think I had an issue with the mastering on it.  It sounded great in my car and in the studio, but in my office, some of the beats were lost in the mix.  I couldn’t figure out why.  I adjusted volume levels and remastered and reburned the disc at least six times.  It was the same problem every time and it was killing me.  Then I finally realized that I had my receiver set on a mono speaker output., hence causing some of the beats to phase each other out.  So all I had to do was hit a single button all along.  Totally lame.

In any case, the mystery has been solved and now you can listen for yourself.  I also have a bunch of unnecessary test burns of this session now, as well.  Some mastered better than others, but if you want one, email me or something.  I don’t know why you would want a CD, though, if you can just download it here.   The offer still stands.

DJ Modifi – beats, samples
Arrison Kirby –  beats, samples

wet – 10.07.2010 – memetics [Arrison Kirby & Aaron Shugart-Brown]

Click to download the tracks:

“Right Time”
“Santa Daemon”
“Stress Square”
“Afraid of the Ghost”
“Gentle Waves”

So a while back, Aaron and I collaborated on a few tracks and called it memetics (Aaron’s name idea…and a good one).  I really should mix those down and get them out into cyberspace.  But for now, you have this.

This is all recorded live, which is the opposite approach we took on those tracks you have not heard.  Those we tracked out.  This live session was much easier to deal with.

Aaron sang on most of the tracks.  I presume it to be improvisational, but in any case, some of the song titles were just plain obvious.  My dog, Remy, sang on “Santa Daemon.”

I sang on “Afraid of the Ghost.”  It’s a complete departure from the way it’s been performed in the sessions with Pocket Strength (that’s our band name, right?).  This one is very true to the “memetics sound.”  I’m particularly fond of its minimalism.

I’m not sure what else to say about the rest of the tracks.  They’re pretty droney at times.  It definitely throws back to earlier days of being in Obadiah with Aaron.  I really like the piano / guitar interplay at the end of “Gentle Waves.”  If you don’t care anything else about this artsy fartsy bullshit, then at least lay back into that for a minute.

Aaron Shugart-Brown – guitar, effects, percussion, vocals
Arrison Kirby – guitar, keys, beats, vocals
Remy – vocals


Pianospout – 4.2010 – Arrison Kirby

“The Goal”
“Kill Party”
“First Time on the Moon”
“Major Miner”
“Brine Shrimp Defecating on Your Trousers”
“Supersonic Tony”
“Cover Your Face”
“Boy vs. Wife”
“Seventeen Michaels”

I want to make two things perfectly clear to you before you listen to this.

1) The piano is not in tune. If you know how to tune a piano and are willing to do so for free, then please contact me.

2) I am out of tune. But this is why…

This session was created on a whim. I felt a free flowing creative energy around me, so I set up microphones around the piano. Then I randomly made everything up. All that you here, both musically and lyrically, is completely from the moment. Noting that came out of my mouth or hands had been composed prior to the session itself. This is total improv.

So the singing sucks at times. The piano is mostly always tolerable though…and the singing did improve as the session barreled on. I must say, though, that if these “songs” were to become worked into a polished album, I think it could be decent. I don’t really have much complaint about the lyrics or chord progressions, themselves.

It is for this reason that I contemplated this session a lot before posting it here. First I intended to mix, master and post. Then I didn’t want to share it at all. Then I wanted to run it though an autotuner. Then I wanted to just recreate the whole thing, altogether (and still wouldn’t rule this out). Then I went back to just wanting to mix, master and post. Then I just decided to post it as is…grit in tact.

It did have some light mastering done to it…but that’s about it.

As for the content, there are a good handful of swears in this session. Nothing sexually over the top. Just good ol’ American cursing. It’s also rather personal since it’s all completely improvisational. You sing what you think you know…you know? Though listening back, I’m not entirely sure where all this shit comes from.

This also kicks off a new section here: Sessions.

More to come, I hope indeed. Email me if you’d like to be a part of one.

Obadiah EP by Obadiah

Obadiah EP

“Old Country Gaffer”
“13 Simons”

Written and produced by Obadiah

Josh Lunsford – vocals, keys, electronics
Aaron Shugart-Brown – vocals, guitar
Arrison Kirby – keys, electronics
Nathan Brown – bass
Josh Russell – drums
Dustin Basalla – auxillary percussion

Artwork by Josh Lunsford

Recorded at El Studio, Knoxville, TN.

Voda by Obadiah


“Chainsaw Man”
“Fire Shadow”
“Diatomic Princess”
“Savannah Passage”
“Call a Flower”
[secret song]

Written, produced and performed by Obadiah

Josh Lunsford – electronics
Arrison Kirby – electronics
Aaron Shugart-Brown – guitar
Chris Hoose – electronics

Artwork by Aaron Shugart-Brown

Recorded at a house on a dead end street, Maryville, TN.