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Infinite Everything – 11.17.2010 – Never Sorry [Arrison Kirby, Katie Collins, Megan Driscoll, Rachel Jae & Dane Hill]

Click to download the tracks:

“Coastal Horizon (No Harm)”
“World War 17”
“Let You Down”
“Coastal Horizon (Harm)”
“Gangsta Goodbye”

This short little session seems to carry some strange, hopeful emotion.  Texturally rich instrumentals and a couple heartfelt sing-songs.  Also, this collective has decided on a formal band name finally.  We are called: NEVER SORRY.

So this was the first session after Dane’s father passed away, which – coupled with Dane’s mighty guitar stylings – may be part and parcel for the musically emotive outpour.  And like I said, it seems strange and hopeful.  This, more than anything, seems to be a testament of Dane’s strong and wise character and I put these tones in his hands.

I mean, look.  Katie and I had a “depression session” because it was raining outside and everyone bailed on the session, otherwise.  But Dane’s dad dies and the follow up to that is this – songs we can feel relatively comfortable in, amidst all longing.  It makes the “depression” part seem so trivial.

Further evidence, indeed, that Dane Hill is the fucking man.  Also, I’d like to wish congratulations to he and Rachel on their recent engagement!  Best.  Couple.  Ever.

“Coastal Horizon” – Two versions found in this session.  The first has better dynamics, but the second has Megan playing harmonica.  Dane is emoting through the guitar on these.  I’m handling drums.  Omni for Katie and auxillary percussion for Rachel.

“Blue” – This song is so short and simple that we probably now have more recorded versions of it than any other song.  This seems to be a fairly paramount version.  I’m on the scratchy, dirty guitar.  Dane’s rocking the drums.  Katie on the omni and Megan on the flute.  Most notably here is that Rachel is singing.  I wrote this song and I’m really fond of the way her vocals take it from this simple little yearning and elevate it up to some sort of rock opera type deal.

“World War 17” – This was actually our warm up jam.  It’s somewhat foreboding, with tinges of fringe revelation.  I presume that by the time we actually reach a World War 17, it will be as cloak-and-daggery as this song tends to feel.  That is also presuming there are still people around by then.

“Let You Down” – A brief, mostly solo, performance of and by Dane.  I’m not certain, but I think this is a song he had written recently.  I tried to accompany him on drums.  I did okay, I guess…not perfect, but not distracting.  This was the only take with accompanying vocals.

“Gangsta Goodbye” – I’m pretty sure Megan is playing the synth trumpet on this one, with me on drums and everyone else on their old standards.  I know this one is kind of sloppy at times, but I think the overall vibe of it makes up for the looseness.

Katie Collins – omnichord
Megan Driscoll –  flute, harmonica
Dane Hill – guitar, drums, vocals
Rachel Jae – vocals, auxillary percussion
Arrison Kirby – drums, guitar