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Coping with Death and Destruction by Arrison Kirby available now!

Hey everyone. El Deth is in flux as always. We’re hoping to overhaul the website soon, with easier access to our history of sessions. It won’t be anytime really soon but we are on our way.

In the meantime, Arrison Kirby has taken a break from music to write a book!

Here is the blurb:

The book is a collection of twelve, high concept, multi-part short stories reflecting on and inspired by the death and transformation of the year 2016. It serves as an elegy for that period of time, submerging into dark themes of loss, extracting what irreverence and hopefulness it can, and reflecting it through a prism of an eternal universe. Sorted astrologically, the stories sometimes span generations, depicting conflict based around such themes as apocalypse, dreams, aging, dying, ghosts, the afterlife, animals, nature, global politics and pop culture. Location also varies, taking the reader through several American states to North Korea, Africa, the Philippines and beyond – often peppered with heavy doses of Southern Gothic sensibility.

In the book, you can read about religion based on pop science fiction and fantasy, a 1960’s lounge singer marginalized by the Beatles, or a mixture of drugs that allows the user to summon the dead. Several of the tales blend fact into the fiction, nodding to the cultural giants whose deaths loomed over the year 2016: David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Prince, Carrie Fisher and others. These are detailed and developed stories, intended to instill within the reader a sense of timelessness and a comfort in the notion of infinity.

You can purchase the book here:

And if you read it, might you be so kind to review it as well?


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“Libera Me, Domine” – Ernst Reijseger And Mola Sylla
“In Excelsior Vaginalistic” – The Flaming Lips
“Night Sight” – Air
“Section 20 (Together We’re Heavy” – The Polyphonic Spree
“Subterraneans” – David Bowie
“Doll’s Polyphony” – Geinoh Yamashirogumi
“Pure Bug Beauty” – Wilco
“Chemtrails (acoustic)” – Beck
“Prophecies” – Philip Glass
“Vanities” – Charlotte Gainsbourg
“Harry Patch (In Memory Of)” – Radiohead
“It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” – Bob Dylan

The rapture is supposed to happen tomorrow, so say some fringe Christians who have managed to bring this idea to mainstream America (and possibly beyond).  If it actually does happen, and 144,000 of God’s closest friends and lovers  get a free ride to heaven, then I think this would be a fitting soundtrack.  For them in their ascent, of course, but also those of us who may be left behind…until we start killing each other for drugs or whatever.

This was actually something of a commissioned mix.  Aaron Shugart-Brown had asked me to make a mix of instrumental, easy going music for his shop, Unarmed Merchants, in Knoxville.  It’s not totally instrumental, but I feel all vocals here are light and well served enough to not get in the way.

If nothing else, you might be able to meditate or something.

Remembering Humans – 2.23.2011 – hypencrunk [Nathan Brown & Arrison Kirby]

Click to download the tracks:

“Robot Rappers”
“Stand By Me” (Ben E. King cover)

Keeping with Nate’s “robots talking” form, this session finds them talking about the relics of extinct humans.  Processing them.  Imitating them, as children once imitated dinosaurs.

Nathan Brown – keys, electronics
Arrison Kirby –  keys, electronics, beats

– “Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody’s Celebratin’)” by Dr. Dre
“Currency” – “Dime” by Cake
“Garbarge” – “Golden Years” by David Bowie


Click to download as a continuous mp3:


“Gotta Get Down With the Passing of Time” – Damon Albarn
“Box Elder (live) ” – Pavement
“In Asking Land” – Talking Heads
“Inside Out” – Beck
“The Old Plantation” – The Minus 5
“There There (live acoustic)” – Radiohead
“My Death (live)” – David Bowie
“Runners Dial Zero” – Beck
“Blasting Fonda” – Wilco
“Lifeline” – Harry Nilsson
“Did You See Me” – Ween
“Riding to Vanity Fair” – Paul McCartney
“Sunset Coming On” – Damon Albarn, Toumani Diabate, Afel Bocoum, Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia
“I Love My Car” – Belle and Sebastian

This past week had a lot of emotion in it.  I blame the movement out of the ever emotional Cancer into Leo.  It seemed to result in misunderstanding and mini crises…and not just for myself.  It’s something like the air of a funeral where such intense emotions may act in kind.  A funeral for Cancer, if you will.

Now, though, it seems these weekend wounds have healed or are healing.  Today, in Knoxville, in particular, we had this wonderfully cloud covered, sunny day.  The evening capped by a stellar performance downtown by Wu Tang’s Killah Priest.  A small reward for working through the darkness of Cancer.

I made this mix a few years back.  I did not feel any kind of darkness in my life at the time, but wanted to make a saddish, emotionally driven mix.  This was the result.  It does not carry a negative message (except maybe the Paul McCartney song), but certainly expresses loss and learning while sounding “summery.”  I think it’s perfectly fitting for this time of year.


Click to download as a continuous mp3:

land is to water as people are to practice

“Me and Paul” – Willie Nelson
“California Rodeo” – Kool Keith and Beck
“Far East Mississippi” – Ohio Players
“Truckers Atlas” – Modest Mouse
“Tijuana 3/28/96″ – Smart Went Crazy
“”Brazil” – Cornelius
“Miami” – Chin Chin
“A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger” – of Montreal
“Greenwich Mean Time” – Charlotte Gainsbourg
“Bombs Over Your House” – Outkast vs. Locsmif
“The Machine in India” -The Flaming Lips
“Seven Years in Tibet” – David Bowie
“You Belong to Me” – Al Martino

I was on my way to being on my way to New York City and beyond, but had to come back home for things forgotten.  Seeing as how I am only one of a somewhat large number of people making travels here at the end of May, I would not feel right about not sharing this mix before I go.  This mix was recently submitted for the Tapeworms April theme, “Geography.”

Take it with you for your travels or take it in while wishing you were traveling.

I take the order of the songs as though beginning a journey in Tennessee, trekking the USA, then down to South America.  From there, taking a boat up to Florida and then flying over to Europe and heading East.

On a simple side note, while in NYC, I’ll be meeting up with writer/musician/ photographer/former resident of El Studio, Matt Zingg.  Without knowing him, Smart Went Crazy may have never been on this mix.  All the more fitting.

Happy trails!