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“Predawn” – Arrison Kirby

Originally, “Michael in the War” was supposed to be the first song from <em>Aries</em> to have a video made for it.  Lots of big ideas floated around, but the human condition ultimately hindered production.

So instead I edited down a bunch of old, dark footage filmed in San Francisco, California and Great Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado – circa 2000.  The grey colors of the Colorado scenes are natural. There was no manipulation with a computer, in these regards.

Voda by Obadiah


“Chainsaw Man”
“Fire Shadow”
“Diatomic Princess”
“Savannah Passage”
“Call a Flower”
[secret song]

Written, produced and performed by Obadiah

Josh Lunsford – electronics
Arrison Kirby – electronics
Aaron Shugart-Brown – guitar
Chris Hoose – electronics

Artwork by Aaron Shugart-Brown

Recorded at a house on a dead end street, Maryville, TN.