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Enter the Shell interviews Jeff Maynard about The Standstill

Enter the Shell, of Los Angeles, has released a recent podcast featuring The Standstill.  In includes an interview with Jeff Maynard, as well as several cuts from “Endless Winter.”

Click here to give it a listen

Dire Con reviewed in Sonic Masala

Not only did Sonic Masala give the new Dire Con album a mostly favorable review, but also a lovely bonus nod to COP’s Urgency.  Additionally, they are featuring the track, “Wasted Youth,” in addition to “Pills.”  This is also the second reference in a review, basically dubbing this style of sound as “grunge.”  Noted!

Click here and scroll down just slightly to see what Sonic Masala had to say

Dire Con also featured on The Dadada

…and and and there is this from The Dadada.  It’s actually been up for a minute, so you have to scroll down a bit if you wish to read it.

click here to check it out

Dire Con featured on Elite Muzik


Our friends at Elite Muzik have joined the list of music blogs featuring Dire Con’s “Pills.”  They also have very simple, but effective praise for the album, itself.  That’s good to see!

click here to read it

The Dadada is streaming “You’ve Gotta Go” by COP

That’s right.  The Dadada is streaming “You’ve Gotta Go,” the opening track from Urgency by COP.

Click here to check it out.

You will find it at the bottom of the page.  Last entry for the day.

Sonic Masala reviews “Money Games” by COP.

This was a pretty low key release, with very little promotion.  Sonic Masala, however, picked up on it with favorable things to say.

Click here to check out their review.

You have to scroll down the page a bit to see it.  It’s punctuated with the album cover.


Hello again.

photo by Christy Lawson

My birthday was February 1st.  I initially wanted to launch this new website on that day.  Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I parted ways instead.  It took a few days to recover from that stumble.

But hey.  It’s here now.  As with the old site, you will be able to find a ton of free MP3s.  Some full length albums.  More over time as I am moved to post them.  Who knows what else will come of it?  Videos?  I don’t really know.  Everything is suddenly a blank slate in my life so let’s be in this together.

This new blog format allows something that may be of interest to people who have worked with me.  That is the search option.  Want to find everything posted that you have contributed to with me?  Type your name and read the screen.

Also, one may notice also that I am no longer referring to myself in the third person, as on the last website.  I mean, let’s call a spade a spade:  I am me.  Since no one REALLY has much to sell beyond themselves, why not just be myself (whatever that is), cut and dried?

I want to be up front.  Conversational.  Loose.   I’ve had enough science.  I want people not only to know what I do, but also who I am…or at least some of the motivations behind what I do.

I am aware things are a little thin around here right now.  That is on purpose.  I’d like for this site to be something to explore over time – not the massive burst of information that the first one was.  Don’t worry, though.  The goodies will return.

So keep checking back.  I aim to ultimately please.