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“Shock O’Barack” by The Standstill – free download until 2013

With the release of Endless Winter, the new album from The Standstill, we are giving away the prologue of the album for free, via Soundcloud.  The track is called “Shock O’ Barack” and it will be available for download until 2013 begins.

It was recorded the September before Barack Obama’s first election.  Now it feels appropriate that it is being released just after his second.

Jeff Maynard, the primary writer and arranger, has the same birthday as Obama.  Honestly, though, I have no idea if he really has any political opinions, himself.  He seems the lover, not fighter, type…usually.  In fact, this was kept on the “incomplete” list after the recording sessions, and “Shock O’Barack” may or may not have only been seen as a temporary, working title.

In the end, though, it sets the time well for the winter that is upon us.  Enjoy.  And if you like it, please check out the rest of it on Spotify or Itunes or something.

Ashes to Ashes

Click to download as a continuous mp3:

Ashes to Ashes

“Intro” – Barack Obama
“Airline to Heaven (Live at Farm Aid 2005)” – Wilco
“That Highway Won’t Get You to Heaven” – Beck
“Drugs” – Talking Heads
“Black Satin” – Miles Davis
“Caramel (William Orbit Special)” – Blur
“Karaim” – Electric Masada
“Ghost Town” – The Specials
“Ladytron” – Roxy Music
“Star Eyes (I Can’t Catch It)” – Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse with David Lynch
“Do You Realize? (live at Hollywood Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA)” – The Flaming Lips & Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Here is a mix that is fitting for today, the ten year anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing in New York.  It’s not a bunch of country songs, but something a little deeper than kickin’ Sadam’s ass.  I bet your foot would go right through his ass at this point, anyway.

I wanted to make a mix that was spiritual, political, emotional, dark and beautiful at once.  Something to usher in the fall and its massive push of death and loss in nature, hence around us.  I aimed for this mix to express some endearment for the finite, in general, when relative to a world of suffering and pain.  There should be peace in knowing that all things shall pass…not fear.

The whole idea of “never forget,” however, is counter to this notion.  Do we really want that to be our mantra in relation to a national tragedy?  We are holding this against you forever?  Transformation does not always have to be a harsh lesson, especially ten years later.