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El Deth is a record label and music collective based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. It is run primarily by Arrison Kirby, though it’s all voluntary staff tends to rotate, depending on the project.

Most of the music that comes out of El Deth is free, though there are a few special projects every now and then that must be purchased to be fully obtained. We always appreciate it when you do.

El Deth was incorporated in 2004 and the first official release was Obadiah’s Voda. Since then, we have collaborated with countless new friends, and released an ever expanding catalog of carefully crafted discs that we implore you to explore.

Arrison Kirby has been musically active since he was very young.  He started making home recordings on ghetto blasters, incrementally upgrading his equipment while increasing his ability.  He eventually began playing live, both in bands and solo.

His live roots were grounded in the experimental noise rock quartet, Obadiah, which eventually evolved into dark jazz prog rock five or six piece (depending on the era).  Since then, he has performed as part of Flashmob, memetics, Hypencrunk and Never Sorry, in addition to a large body of solo work, both live and in the studio. He has performed and produced three solo albums (all available on El Deth, of course).

In addition to music, he is an occasional writer, with six screenplays under his belt – along with volumes of random poetry and prose.  A very small amount of his writings are spread around the blogosphere, though most of those are anonymous.

He began around 2005 with the intent of sharing his creations that were not formally released through El Deth.  At the start of 2010, he decided he could be much more expansive in this way by revamping the site to the point of replacing it with the current blog format you see here today.

Just over a year later, he realized that El Deth is so intrinsic to himself, that he may as well combine that tired old site with this behemoth of modern thought. The worms are the spice. The spice is the worms.

Thanks for reading all the way down here, I guess…

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