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Obadiah digital reissues!

                      That’s right, everyone. Obadiah’s last two, Obadiah EP and Rebirthday are now available on iTunes, Spotify and all your finer international digital retailers. Why not download it through Japan? These are the first two of several reissues coming down the line for El Deth.  […]

“The B” by Obadiah

Click to download the track. “The B” – Obadiah To prepare for this show with How I Became the Bomb, Obadiah recorded four sessions over a course of three nights. This song was one that arose from between the cracks of our set in progress. It was born of improvisation, as a response to the […]

Obadiah & How I Became the Bomb @ The Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN – 7.28.2011

This is the first show Obadiah will have played together in about five years.  When the offer came through (not a week before the show), we all figured, “why not?”  I don’t think any of us were certain as to what exactly was going to happen at our first scheduled session / rehearsal.  That being […]

Rebirthday by Obadiah

Obadiah Rebirthday 2009 “Fade in From Black” “Plotting a Course Through the Underworld” “Japanese Vortex” “Möbius Dream (Part 1)” “Möbius Dream (Part 2)” “Sad Song” “The Vision of 13 Simons” “Electronic Birdland” Produced by Obadiah Mastered by Arrison Kirby Edited by Josh Lunsford Josh Lunsford – organ Aaron Shugart-Brown – guitar Arrison Kirby – keys, […]

Obadiah EP by Obadiah

Obadiah Obadiah EP 2005 “Old Country Gaffer” “13 Simons” “Return” “Future” Written and produced by Obadiah Josh Lunsford – vocals, keys, electronics Aaron Shugart-Brown – vocals, guitar Arrison Kirby – keys, electronics Nathan Brown – bass Josh Russell – drums Dustin Basalla – auxillary percussion Artwork by Josh Lunsford Recorded at El Studio, Knoxville, TN.

Voda by Obadiah

Obadiah Voda 2001 “Draglock” “A23” “Chainsaw Man” “Fire Shadow” “Diatomic Princess” “Grabpop” “Savannah Passage” “Call a Flower” [secret song] Written, produced and performed by Obadiah Josh Lunsford – electronics Arrison Kirby – electronics Aaron Shugart-Brown – guitar Chris Hoose – electronics Artwork by Aaron Shugart-Brown Recorded at a house on a dead end street, Maryville, […]

Lords of Rap Volume 1: Just da Tip by Hypenkrünk to be released 1.28.2014

Lords of Rap Volume 1: Just Da Tip is the debut release by Knoxville based rap and psychedelia group, Hypenkrünk. Though they use aliases for this project, Hypenkrünk is a collaboration between musicians from across the music spectrum. The players hail from the backgrounds of hip hop, (Flashmob, Flack Jacket) electronica, (Star Mountain), jazz (Deep […]

Aries Release Party @ The Pilot Light, Knoxville, TN – 4.6.2013

The flier above pretty much explains it all, but let’s get redundant… Aries, the new album from Arrison Kirby, will be released everywhere digitally and in limited physical form on April 2nd. Four days later, on April 6th, we will be celebrating that release with a party at the Pilot Light in Knoxville’s Old City. […]

Memetics, Deep Green and Wasted Youth Party @ The Well, Knoxville, TN – 4.17.2012

Memetics is a project by Aaron Shugart-Brown and Arrison Kirby.  Nathan Brown (Obadiah, Hypencrunk, Soulbot) will also be joining them on this evening.  Click here to check out an old session with just Aaron and Arrison. Deep Green is a new, more jazz oriented project featuring some of Knoxville’s finest musicians:  Dave Eckman, Dustin Milotte, […]

New El Deth Release: urgency by COP – available 12.27.2011

That’s right.  Just beyond Christmas, El Deth will be unveiling its fifteenth release. As the onesheet reads… COP is a session project by Arrison Kirby (Never Sorry, Obadiah), Wesley Wyrick (DolphynRydyr, Star Mountain) and SK (The Glaring Sound).     Urgency was recorded at El Studio, Knoxville, TN in 2010 and subsequently edited, mixed and mastered […]