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urgency by COP


“You’ve Gotta Go”
“Botched Operation”
“Formal Misgivings”
“Money Games”
“Filthy South”

Produced, mixed and mastered by Arrison Kirby
Composed by COP

Arrison Kirby – electronics, guitar, beats
Wesley Wyrick – electronics
SK – drums

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New El Deth Release: urgency by COP – available 12.27.2011

That’s right.  Just beyond Christmas, El Deth will be unveiling its fifteenth release.

As the onesheet reads…

COP is a session project by Arrison Kirby (Never Sorry, Obadiah), Wesley Wyrick (DolphynRydyr, Star Mountain) and SK (The Glaring Sound).   

 Urgency was recorded at El Studio, Knoxville, TN in 2010 and subsequently edited, mixed and mastered by Arrison Kirby.  The name is a true reflection of the form; as this session was recorded in a single, very, very loud take.  By the second track, “Botched Operation,” the force of the sound was shaking beer bottles off the back of the studio’s piano.  Undeterred, the trio pressed on through these five movements of sound, their order on the disc being no different from the order recorded.

 This disc marks the fifteenth release from the El Deth recording label.  It will be digitally available on Spotify, iTunes  and all other major online distributors on December 27th, 2011.  The track, “Money Games” is currently available for free MP3 download at 

And here is that track…

“Money Games” – COP



yr rapture

Click to download as a continuous mp3:

yr rapture

“Some Things Go Without Saying” – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
“We Were Growing” – Paul McCartney
“Panda Travels to the Arctic Circle” – American Panda
“No One Is (As I Are Be)” – Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
“Without You” – Chicros with Brisa Roche
“”Heaven’s Light” – Air
“Someday We’ll be Together” – The Supremes
“I Will Follow Him” – Peggy March
“Not Giving One” – Blee
“Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” – Beastie Boys with Santigold
“The End of the World” – Skeeter Davis

Seems like a lot of stuff just kind of happens all at once.  That’s what this mix is about.

Watch it come impress upon your life, then see it somehow fondly out the door…if you can.

I made this mix midjump.  Didn’t make it to the other side yet, but hitting the ground was at least a different place from where I leaped.