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“The B” by Obadiah

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“The B” – Obadiah

To prepare for this show with How I Became the Bomb, Obadiah recorded four sessions over a course of three nights. This song was one that arose from between the cracks of our set in progress. It was born of improvisation, as a response to the song that proceeded it.

This is pretty silly stuff for to be the first “official” Obadiah song released in years.  If you come check us out at the Pilot Light, you’ll see it’s barely even a scratch on the surface for the current barrage of Obadiah soundscapes.

Kenny Gilbert – guitar, bass
Josh Russell –  drums
Nathan Brown – keys, electronics
Aaron Shugart-Brown – guitar, vocals
Arrison Kirby – keys, electronics, beats

Obadiah & How I Became the Bomb @ The Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN – 7.28.2011

This is the first show Obadiah will have played together in about five years.  When the offer came through (not a week before the show), we all figured, “why not?”  I don’t think any of us were certain as to what exactly was going to happen at our first scheduled session / rehearsal.  That being the past now, I would say that it feels as if we never stopped in the first place.  I won’t say that, though, because I feel we are all actually much better musicians now with a more mature sound then what it was when we left off.

This is likely going to be a rare one off as drummer, Josh Russell, will be shipping out to Oregon in just a few weeks.  So come on down and see what Obadiah has become.  You will not be disappointed.

Click here to check out How I Became the Bomb.

Click here to check out the last Obadiah album.

aural catharsis

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aural catharsis

“Run, Don’t Walk” – Matt Sparks
“Why Can’t I Believe in You?” – Beck
“Give up the Ghost” – Radiohead
“The Hard Way” – Pat Donohue & The Shoe Band
“You Don’t Miss Your Water” – Otis Redding
“Night-Time Intermission” – Charlotte Gainsbourg
“Sidi Infi” – Cracker
“If You Leave Me, Leave Me Running” – Chicros
“No Conclusion” – of Montreal
“Spread Your Cause” – Beck vs. Flying White Dots
“Cold Heart of Stone” – Frank Black & The Catholics
“Glad It’s Over” – Wilco
“You’re Breakin’ My Heart” – Harry Nilsson

Hey!  It’s a break up mix!  Maybe it’s a tad late, depending on how long it takes to dispossess another soul from their own.  We all know these things come in groups so surely someone out there can use it.

I’m in that number, so this mix came easy and out well.  Ideally, I’m hoping it will serve as a cathartic tool for anyone that needs it.  For no, my friends, these are not all songs of sadness or despair.  Each song feels naturally in its place within the progression.  If a person could submerge oneself into this mix, then perhaps it could live up to its title and provide a truly cathartic experience to the listener.

So though my particular situation is not quite resolved, I can say that I definitely learned at least one thing from it so far:  Your friends really don’t want to hear about this shit.

Fair enough…but everyone likes a mix tape!

Wander the Silence – 5.11.2011 – Arrison Kirby, Samuel Williams and Lulu Skidoo

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“Afraid of the Ghost”
“Michael in the War”
“Until I Die (Rum Blues)”

Instead of tuning up the piano, Samuel tuned his banjo to match the piano.  The result is this macabre and winding session of standards.  It’s another really minimal session, as well.

Lulu Skidoo (aka Michelle Sanders) joins us again for “Until I Die.”  This is the first version we had tried on any keys at all, let alone an actual piano.

“Teamworking” is the only new song here and is most likely incomplete, but still worth sharing, I guess.  It’s about a person getting involved in someone else’s new relationship.

Arrison Kirby –piano, vocals
Samuel Williams – banjo, vocals
Michelle Sanders – vocals