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“All of Me All of Us” by Arrison Kirby

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“All of Me All of Us” – Arrison Kirby

Yes, friends. I began to use my soundcloud account (see below). Here is the first offering…something I already offered before. That pesky “All of Me All of Us” song I know not what to do with.

Initially, it was a commissioned piece.  I had the music fleshed out, but the lyrics were more shit out.   The person paying for it agreed, so I rewrote it from a more inspirational place.  A bit too inspirational perhaps, because I think the end result was over that second party’s head.  Who knows?  Maybe it just sucks.

In any case, this shit’s just been sitting around with no home…pissing me off.  I passed it along to Steve Wildsmith for one of his articles, but I never shared it directly on here.  Here it is now, though.  Why?  Because I wanted to use SoundCloud.  That’s what this post is ultimately about.

Written, recorded, arranged, produced and performed by Arrison Kirby.

All of Me All of Us by Arrison Kirby

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