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“Libera Me, Domine” – Ernst Reijseger And Mola Sylla
“In Excelsior Vaginalistic” – The Flaming Lips
“Night Sight” – Air
“Section 20 (Together We’re Heavy” – The Polyphonic Spree
“Subterraneans” – David Bowie
“Doll’s Polyphony” – Geinoh Yamashirogumi
“Pure Bug Beauty” – Wilco
“Chemtrails (acoustic)” – Beck
“Prophecies” – Philip Glass
“Vanities” – Charlotte Gainsbourg
“Harry Patch (In Memory Of)” – Radiohead
“It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” – Bob Dylan

The rapture is supposed to happen tomorrow, so say some fringe Christians who have managed to bring this idea to mainstream America (and possibly beyond).  If it actually does happen, and 144,000 of God’s closest friends and lovers  get a free ride to heaven, then I think this would be a fitting soundtrack.  For them in their ascent, of course, but also those of us who may be left behind…until we start killing each other for drugs or whatever.

This was actually something of a commissioned mix.  Aaron Shugart-Brown had asked me to make a mix of instrumental, easy going music for his shop, Unarmed Merchants, in Knoxville.  It’s not totally instrumental, but I feel all vocals here are light and well served enough to not get in the way.

If nothing else, you might be able to meditate or something.

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