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Three Tens – 10.10.2010 – Arrison Kirby & Inertia

Click to download the tracks:

“Sea Leveled”
“Floating Ghosts”
“Dirty Ocean”

This is a session I recently did with the ever-so-underground, Inertia  (AKA Andy Jaynes) of Immaculate Hedz.  I have to give it to him.  He was definitely in control of the skeleton of this thing.

One commonality that he and I share is that we are both Aquarius by birth.  He digs into this right away on the opening track.  Keeping with the spirit, I took the liberty of giving each track a name that sounds watery.

Because this is more or less a DJ kind of deal (with live instrumentation), you’ll notice some of these mp3’s are long.  I wanted them to be downloadable individually, without disrupting the flow of the thing.  That’s why some are more ever-changing than others.

Anyway.  Consider this my going away present to you before I head up north to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.  Hope to see you there!

Inertia – records
Arrison Kirby – guitar, keys

Mostly Lowish – 9.29.2010 – Arrison Kirby, Megan Driscoll, Rachel Jae & Dane Hill

Click to download the tracks:

photo by McKenzie Michaels

“Rub and Slip”
“Family Affairs”
“Sweet Times”
“Afraid of the Ghost”
“Asleep in my Head”

This session was without our beloved Katie, but we pulled through quite minimally.

“Rub and Slip” – We introduced the keys to the set up and opened with this reggae bi-product type jam.  I played those keys low to a slowed down version of the beat Obadiah used to use for the song “Same.”  Dane handled the bass good and dubby.  I think Rachel is hitting the drums.  This song leaves as abruptly as it begins.

“Bristol” – I replaced the electric guitar with acoustic to strip down this one.  Dane on the bass.  Megan and I singing of course.  Rachel is laying back on the snare.

“Family Affairs” – We did a better minimal version of this one in an earlier session which is pretty much lost.  This one isn’t all bad, though…just a few hiccups here and there.  Same set up as on “Bristol.”

“Squeen” – Another random looper pedal moment.  I almost silenced it, but Dane told me to leave it on.  He proceeded to build it up and over.  I joined in on keys as well.

“Sweet Times” – This was Dane’s progression.  He’s playing the acoustic guitar.  I’m playing the piano.  I’m a bit choppy at times (and bendy), but the little dancehall interplay around the minute twenty mark is worth the wait.

“Afraid of the Ghost” – First recorded version of this song with keys.  I was a bit uncomfortable playing the keys while singing on this one.  Hence, my voice awkwardly dips out several times.  Overall, though, this is a fun little version.  Megan’s flute mixing with the feedback reminds me of some of Roxy Music’s more experimental moments.  The beat was actually constructed by myself and David Dalton together.  We used it in the Flashmob song, “Tanya Tucker.”

“Asleep in my Head” – This is Megan and I doing a sensitive little flute and piano jam influenced by Carlo Gesualdo.

“Fucking” – I guess this is comedy kind of?

“Sucking” – This one isn’t funny at all.

Megan Driscoll – vocals, flute, tambourine
Dane Hill – bass, guitars
Rachel Jae – axillary percussion, drums
Arrison Kirby – guitars, keys, beats, vocals

“Happiness (remix)” – Arrison Kirby vs. The Mattoid

I am so incredibly glad to be making videos again.  It has literally been years.

So this one is for an instrumental remix I did for a song by The Mattoid.  If you don’t know the Mattoid, you are doing yourself an immense disservice and should check out his Myspace page as soon as you watch this video.  Also, if you’d like to check out the original, be my guest.  It’s on his Eternifinity EP.

The structure may also be familiar to some from my days with Flashmob, as we used this beat for the song, Dirtnap.

Anyway.  The dog and cat are mine.  The dog being Remy…the cat being Quinn.  More videos to come, I do hope.

Lastly, if you’d like to download this for free in MP3 form, here you go:

“Happiness (remix)” – Arrison Kirby vs. The Mattoid


Work in Progress: “Valeri”

Thursday used to be the new Friday. Now Friday is Friday again. Like a foolish fool, I have been sleeping through my Fridays habitually and consistently. I absolutely need to break this habit. I missed some really good stuff last night.

In any case, I always end up waking up right around 3AM. This morning was no different. Having felt pretty shitty for missing the night’s fun, I decided not to waste the rest of it. Plus my emotive and creative faculties were running pretty high. So this video is basically a partial document of what I did when I awoke.

I know it’s nothing particularly interesting, and also that it could stand for a bit less talk and a bit more rock. Bare with me though. I wanted to make sure my video making and uploading process was solid. Since I now know it is (thanks to this video), you perhaps should be able to expect more videos to come.


wet – 10.07.2010 – memetics [Arrison Kirby & Aaron Shugart-Brown]

Click to download the tracks:

“Right Time”
“Santa Daemon”
“Stress Square”
“Afraid of the Ghost”
“Gentle Waves”

So a while back, Aaron and I collaborated on a few tracks and called it memetics (Aaron’s name idea…and a good one).  I really should mix those down and get them out into cyberspace.  But for now, you have this.

This is all recorded live, which is the opposite approach we took on those tracks you have not heard.  Those we tracked out.  This live session was much easier to deal with.

Aaron sang on most of the tracks.  I presume it to be improvisational, but in any case, some of the song titles were just plain obvious.  My dog, Remy, sang on “Santa Daemon.”

I sang on “Afraid of the Ghost.”  It’s a complete departure from the way it’s been performed in the sessions with Pocket Strength (that’s our band name, right?).  This one is very true to the “memetics sound.”  I’m particularly fond of its minimalism.

I’m not sure what else to say about the rest of the tracks.  They’re pretty droney at times.  It definitely throws back to earlier days of being in Obadiah with Aaron.  I really like the piano / guitar interplay at the end of “Gentle Waves.”  If you don’t care anything else about this artsy fartsy bullshit, then at least lay back into that for a minute.

Aaron Shugart-Brown – guitar, effects, percussion, vocals
Arrison Kirby – guitar, keys, beats, vocals
Remy – vocals


There’s Something in My Eye Socket – 9.29.2010 – Arrison Kirby, Katie Collins, Megan Driscoll, Rachel Jae & Dane Hill

Click to download the tracks:

“Champagne Fishing Hole”
“Wrong Way Down a One Way Channel Backwards”
“New Beginnings”
“Afraid of the Ghost”
“Dane’s Domain”
“Monkey Parade”
“Leonard Skeonard”

There is a nice kind of edginess on this session.  A good mix of experimentation, improvisation, and expansion.  We additionally did a little more instrument swapping than we had prior.  Plus we did not use any electronic beats in this session.  Of course, there is a likely tolerable level of “offness” here and there, but few and far between all the juicy rewards.

“Champagne Fishing Hole” – This was how the session opened…with Megan rapping over Dane’s drums and Katie’s omnichord volume flushing.  I was still playing with shit in the control room, so I didn’t get in on it straight away.  This is completely to the track’s credit.

“Wrong Way Down a One Way Channel Backwards” – I had accidentally set off my looper pedal.  Then I just went with it.

“New Beginnings” – This is a pleasant little, beatless version.  Katie opposed my guitar with ukulele and Rachel took over the omnichord.  Dane played bass.

“Afraid of the Ghost” – This was one of the improvised songs from the last session.  I transcribed it over to a chord sheet and changed a few lines from the lyrics.  Two in particular, which really made no sense.  It’s a simple song, but I’ve come to really like it, all in all.

“Waiting” – This is Dane’s song all the way.  He wrote it, is singing it, and playing guitar.  He recorded a really great countryish version of it, which you can listen to on his Myspace page.

“Bristol” – This is totally the best version of this we have done.  We knew we had it more complete the moment we took it at that new pace.

“Dane’s Domain” – Dane started this badass bassline up and, though I noodle sloppy at times, I could not resist joining in. The girls handled light percussion in the back.  I think we should build on this.

“Monkey Parade” – This is the variation of “Katie’s Waltz” that we have currently arrived at.  This one is a lot more passionate and unrestrained.

“Leonard Skeonard” – I’m guiding the drums on this one.  Though I fumble them at the end, I still think this is a nice closing track.  Dane is playing a soaring mess of guitar solos over Katie’s always otherworldly omnichord.

Katie Collins – ukulele, omnichord, bass
Megan Driscoll – vocals, flute
Dane Hill – drums, bass, guitar
Rachel Jae – axillary percussion, omnichord
Arrison Kirby – guitar, drums, vocals