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land is to water as people are to practice

“Me and Paul” – Willie Nelson
“California Rodeo” – Kool Keith and Beck
“Far East Mississippi” – Ohio Players
“Truckers Atlas” – Modest Mouse
“Tijuana 3/28/96″ – Smart Went Crazy
“”Brazil” – Cornelius
“Miami” – Chin Chin
“A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger” – of Montreal
“Greenwich Mean Time” – Charlotte Gainsbourg
“Bombs Over Your House” – Outkast vs. Locsmif
“The Machine in India” -The Flaming Lips
“Seven Years in Tibet” – David Bowie
“You Belong to Me” – Al Martino

I was on my way to being on my way to New York City and beyond, but had to come back home for things forgotten.  Seeing as how I am only one of a somewhat large number of people making travels here at the end of May, I would not feel right about not sharing this mix before I go.  This mix was recently submitted for the Tapeworms April theme, “Geography.”

Take it with you for your travels or take it in while wishing you were traveling.

I take the order of the songs as though beginning a journey in Tennessee, trekking the USA, then down to South America.  From there, taking a boat up to Florida and then flying over to Europe and heading East.

On a simple side note, while in NYC, I’ll be meeting up with writer/musician/ photographer/former resident of El Studio, Matt Zingg.  Without knowing him, Smart Went Crazy may have never been on this mix.  All the more fitting.

Happy trails!

Pianospout – 4.2010 – Arrison Kirby

“The Goal”
“Kill Party”
“First Time on the Moon”
“Major Miner”
“Brine Shrimp Defecating on Your Trousers”
“Supersonic Tony”
“Cover Your Face”
“Boy vs. Wife”
“Seventeen Michaels”

I want to make two things perfectly clear to you before you listen to this.

1) The piano is not in tune. If you know how to tune a piano and are willing to do so for free, then please contact me.

2) I am out of tune. But this is why…

This session was created on a whim. I felt a free flowing creative energy around me, so I set up microphones around the piano. Then I randomly made everything up. All that you here, both musically and lyrically, is completely from the moment. Noting that came out of my mouth or hands had been composed prior to the session itself. This is total improv.

So the singing sucks at times. The piano is mostly always tolerable though…and the singing did improve as the session barreled on. I must say, though, that if these “songs” were to become worked into a polished album, I think it could be decent. I don’t really have much complaint about the lyrics or chord progressions, themselves.

It is for this reason that I contemplated this session a lot before posting it here. First I intended to mix, master and post. Then I didn’t want to share it at all. Then I wanted to run it though an autotuner. Then I wanted to just recreate the whole thing, altogether (and still wouldn’t rule this out). Then I went back to just wanting to mix, master and post. Then I just decided to post it as is…grit in tact.

It did have some light mastering done to it…but that’s about it.

As for the content, there are a good handful of swears in this session. Nothing sexually over the top. Just good ol’ American cursing. It’s also rather personal since it’s all completely improvisational. You sing what you think you know…you know? Though listening back, I’m not entirely sure where all this shit comes from.

This also kicks off a new section here: Sessions.

More to come, I hope indeed. Email me if you’d like to be a part of one.