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an increase of distance

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an increase of distance

“Ocean Rain” – Echo & The Bunnymen
“Time to Move On” – Tom Petty
“Happy Trails”  –  Jim O’Rourke
“It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” – Van Morrison
“So Long, Marianne” – Leonard Cohen
“Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye” – Beck’s Record Club
“Let Me Be” – Parliament
“Avant de Mourir Nuhs” – Serge Gainsbourg
“Goodbye (live)” – Nellie McKay
“The Farewell Bend” – Frank Black & The Catholics
“God Only Knows” – Cornelius
“Gone for Good” – Morphine

This mix was submitted for The Tapeworms February theme: “Goodbye.”  It also proved to be quite cathartic as I made it while going through the breakup of a four year relationship.  I post it now as I have no choice but to say goodbye to someone else just a month later.

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