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“Inkling (Two Missing B’s and a Microphone)” – by Senryu vs. Arrison Kirby vs. Beck

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photograph by Caleb W.

“Inklings (Two Missing B’s and a Microphone)” – Senryu vs. Arrison Kirby vs. Beck

“Inklings” was the first song from the new Senryu album to REALLY hit me.  It did the first time I heard it and the effects lasted a good deal beyond that time.

Its BPM is just a little bit faster than that of some bonus beats from Beck’s “Where It’s At” session.  So I slowed down Beck and stuck the two together.  After a little bit of tweaking, editing and remastering,  the result is a “clubbier” version of “Inklings.”

I think there is something psychic intertwining these two pieces of music intrinsically.  The imposition of one over the other is nearly dead on as the course of each song changes.  Perhaps it’s merely a fanciful, random intermingling of sounds in time with each other, but I think there is something more veiled and godlike at play.

an increase of distance

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an increase of distance

“Ocean Rain” – Echo & The Bunnymen
“Time to Move On” – Tom Petty
“Happy Trails”  –  Jim O’Rourke
“It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” – Van Morrison
“So Long, Marianne” – Leonard Cohen
“Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye” – Beck’s Record Club
“Let Me Be” – Parliament
“Avant de Mourir Nuhs” – Serge Gainsbourg
“Goodbye (live)” – Nellie McKay
“The Farewell Bend” – Frank Black & The Catholics
“God Only Knows” – Cornelius
“Gone for Good” – Morphine

This mix was submitted for The Tapeworms February theme: “Goodbye.”  It also proved to be quite cathartic as I made it while going through the breakup of a four year relationship.  I post it now as I have no choice but to say goodbye to someone else just a month later.